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The focus of our UK real estate strategy is primarily focused on commercial real estate and includes core, core plus, value add and development opportunities as well as real estate loan transactions. We actively seek out investments that offer opportunities for active asset management where we can deploy our skills to create added value and deliver superior returns. Each asset that we seek to acquire is subject to extensive underwriting and due diligence including a clearly defined plan to pro-actively increase its value.

We believe in acquiring long income producing assets leased to good tenants where we can use our financing skills to procure attractive financing terms and deliver a consistent annual income stream to investors/partners. We like short term income or vacant possession deals as they offer opportunities for planning gains, the creation of additional square footage of commercial and potentially residential in a market with strong rental growth.

Particularly in London there is an identified projected demand for commercial offices over the coming decades. This provides D2 Private with numerous opportunities to acquire or develop investments in the traditional markets of the West End, City and Midtown markets in addition to the areas which are being regenerated by infrastructure (e.g. Cross rail) and affordability such as East London, Whitechapel, Docklands, the South Bank, and Farringdon/Clerkenwell. The changes in work practices and the push towards a creative led economy is resulting in major rethinking of where and how offices work and how they are fitted out for occupiers. This applies to all types of occupiers whether they are financial, media, tech, creative or consulting.

We also believe in the benefit of utilising detailed macro and micro research to assist with our underwriting analysis and to better understand the drivers of the sub markets in which we seek to acquire investments.


We provide a variety of services to investors seeking to enter the Irish real estate market or who may have existing assets that require active management or debt restructuring to realise or release value.

Acquisition and Investment Management

  • Acquiring assets on our own account and with co investment partners.
  • Acquiring and managing assets that are 100% owned by third party investors.
  • Undertaking asset management, development management and investment management roles for third parties.
  • Education and market tours with partners/investors to understand requirements
  • Detailed underwriting for purposes of bidding on selected assets including asset and investment management plan.
  • Detailed due diligence both pre and post bid process if selected as preferred party.
  • Sourcing and negotiating any bank debt required.
  • Structuring transaction and execution of all legal documentation to complete acquisition.
  • Implementation of business plan for asset and maximise income and value add opportunities.
  • Advising and project managing the disposal of the asset to maximise investor returns.

Debt Restructuring

  • We have detailed knowledge of the debt markets and new non-traditional debt providers.
  • We can assist in procuring new debt and equity capital to refinance existing loans.
  • We can assist on simply structuring the debt aspects of any new transactions.
  • Detailed due diligence and underwriting for loan book sales.

Asset & Investment Management

  • We can provide a review of single or portfolio of assets and bring new thinking to adding value.
  • We can manage assets and work with investors to deliver business plans and disposal strategies.