Acquisition Process

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We believe in a thorough well researched underwriting process.

Sourcing and Origination

Over the past decade, D2 has built a network of relationships with various participants of the real estate market in London and Dublin including other property owners, interested parties and buyers of D2’s former portfolio of real estate assets, debt providers, design and construction professional teams, property management, leasing and investment professionals.

Viewing, Initial Due Diligence & Review of capital structure

D2 team undertake initial investment screening to ascertain compatibility with investment strategy. Site visits are undertaken by all investment personnel.  An underwriting analysis and business plan are developed for each asset. External market advice and construction and design advice including planning advice is also undertaken as required. Debt terms will be procured from a selection of debt providers. Equity capital is identified.

Submit bid 

The investment team reviews all reports and analysis and if transaction is approved then a bid is submitted.

Execute Transaction in a timely and professional manner

On securing preferred bidder status the balance of due diligence is completed and a contract executed.