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Smart, Driven, Market Knowledge & Relationships, Multi-disciplined, Lateral Thinkers, Relentless, Hands On, Creative, Involved, Honest, Trustworthy

D2 is an entrepreneurial investor and asset manager and led by Deirdre Foley have a combined 17 year track record in Dublin and London real estate with established teams and platform in both cities

  • D2 has originated, developed, actively managed and disposed of +£1.25bn of London assets and +€300mn of Dublin assets
  • Co-invested in all D2 Private originated transactions
  • Value innovators – who look for brilliant ideas and quantum leaps in value
  • Research led approach – understanding the economics and drivers of the markets and sub markets that we operate in

D2 has direct experience in a number of our target markets in London

  • Successfully acquired assets in Mayfair, St James’s, Paddington, Victoria, Soho and the City
  • Managed a direct annual rent roll of £60m and on behalf of others circa £30m
  • Directly managed 1.1 million sq. ft. of space in London and approx. 300k sq. ft. elsewhere
  • Has access to significant pipeline of deals and currently underwriting and bidding on transactions across Dublin and London
  • Led and managed transactions on behalf of 80 private investors, private bank, small pension fund and corporate investors
  • In depth understanding of “what not to do, and how to protect assets” given cyclical nature of the market

D2 has a very strong track record

  • Disciplined focus, experience and expertise of a nimble operator in the Dublin and London markets
  • Provides asset and development management services to third parties
  • Benefitting from its local market knowledge and asset management capabilities
  • Excellent track record of performance in the London market through the property cycles and particularly the downturn of 2009-2012
  • Achieved record rents and capital values for sale of assets
  • Awarded the best development of the year for 23 Savile Row, W1
  • Knowledge of debt markets and non-performing loan book sales – Partnered with York Capital re £1.2 billion loan book due diligence
  • Acquired and asset managed for Northwood Investors in Dublin

D2 Private has a proven track record in the real estate industry in Ireland and the UK. We are an instantly recognisable and highly credible participant in the property industry. We apply our strengths as a boutique real estate firm to deliver solutions, unlock value and deliver returns for ourselves and our partners.